Keurverslagen Iiik the Red Dragon

Helsinki workingdog special Mei 2010 keurmeester Per Svarstad

Excellent type and size. Beautiful head and expression. Nice ears.

Beautiful topline. Compact body. Nice legs and paws. Excellent angulation.

Beautiful coat and color. Excellent movement. Well handled.


Helsinki international 22.5.2010 , judge Brenda Banbury (Great-Britain)

"Excellent head and expression, dark eyes. Good mask, ears and tail tip. Excellent mover

juniorclass: Exc 1, BB3, CAC

Hamina international 23.5.2010, judge Miroslaw Zidar (Slovenia)

"Harmonische eut?? hundin mit guten haar textur. Korrekter farbe, gute maske. Sehr typisch kopf .Korrekte Rücken linie. Gute winkelungen. Korrekt front. lebhaft bewegen"

juniorklass:EXC1, BB1, CAC, BOS

Estonian Winner judge Jean Lawless (kennel Revloch, Irland)

" 1 year old. Good type, enough bone. Nice warm, rich color, exellent mask. Medium head,

good paralels & stop, would like little more lenght of muzzle. Nice dark eyes with good shape. Good neck & tipline &croup,

good chest. Good angulation behind, straight front. Moves ok behind, pins a little bit in front. Good side gait.

JUN ex 1, BOB-junior, jun-CAC, BB2, EE JCH & EE JW-10.

Finse specialen

"13 months- Feminin, elegant junior bitch. Well balanced head, well scisseled, correct headlines

Enough stop, very good mask. A bit small deep placed eyes. ears a bit broad at the base but very well carried

Very good neck and backline, enough forechest. A bit week pasterns, well balanced angulation.

Mooves very well with good reache. Very nice temperament."

jun EXC 4.

Winner Finland

Keurmeester Kirsti Louhi

Excellent type, nice balance in the body.

Nice head, dark mask. Excellent body, neck and topline.

Fluent movement. Shows herself well.

CAC, CACIB, BOB and Fi W-10

Winner Finland

Keurmeester J Wauben

18 months old, very nice squer looking feminine type.

Typical feminine head. Not quite paraell. Well st ears. Already well stuff muzzle.

Good expression. Nice neck and topline. Good angulation in front. Strong in the knee.

Well developed body. Good feet, bone and mscles. Good behavior.

Good coat, well developed mask, warm charbonné. Movement at back could be more powerful.